Been a minute AGAIN!

Damn this ADHD! I’m never allowed to just have things work smoothly and just keep doing it! ?

I’ve decided since I’m cutting back on my streaming days AND splitting it up between Twitch and Youtube AND since I’m taking a less active role on Twitter because it sucks; I should probably start blogging again every so often.

I’ll probably only do this once a week, if that, and might do more vlogging again. I dunno yet.

In any case, streaming on YouTube was so nice and calm.. I need more of that in my life. Probably going to spend today making stream ready for Twitch again with a lot less insanity. There will still be SOME things but I’m cutting way back.

I still love you!! ????? -Tan

Getting Ko-Fi set back up

So, yeah. I will probably still blog here on occasion – not sure what the distinction will be between here and Ko-fi other than this will be less updated. Maybe for more serious or big changes? I will think of something. Some posts just feel like they belong here and not elsewhere. More big sweeping kind of announcements, although I post those elsewhere too, just they feel more at home here.

Meaning – hey I’m backing off Twitter again. Only more seriously. I am not safe there anymore. At all. Like, ok I know I should stand and fight but it’s not worth saving. I can use other things, other websites, so I will! Mainly, right now, Ko-Fi. Thank you to Brooke for reminding me that it’s a thing.

The funny thing is, I will still have things tweeted – I just wont ever go look at them or respond to them I don’t think. Anyway, go follow me on Ko-Fi!

Love your faces, Cuties. ????? -Tan

Having fun making jokes!

Well it’s been a lot of ‘throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks’ but I think I’m finally there with content I like making outside of streaming. These bad joke shorts! LOL

I know, people either love em or hate em and that’s perfect. And I have no idea how much material there is to go through? Thousands of jokes maybe? Maybe limitless?

I could always do knock knock jokes, dad jokes, puns, you name it! Hah!

Anyway, I’m having a blast making them and they seem to actually be helping me grow a little. Check them out if you would!


Stepping away from PridePrism

Hey Cuties. I know there’s going to be questions you probably have, but I really can’t answer them any better. I had to step away from PridePrism.

I’m still friends with most of the people in the team, and wish them and Styxie as the new leader all the success they can get!!

It feels like to me that I was still pretty much an outsider, being the oldest and just not having the energy to put into the team. I feel bad. I do NOT think anything I’ve done contributed or that I could have prevented anything, honestly. I was just.. kinda there. *shrug* I feel bad for the way others were treated. 🙁

Ah well. Onward and upward!! I love you, Cuties!! ????? -Tan

Working on Content

So I’ve finally kinda stumbled on content I really REALLY enjoy making, it’s short, usually less than 30 seconds – where I take two of my models and tell myself a bad (or dad) joke, and react to it.

It’s pretty funny, and I am actually enjoying the hell out of making them!

It’s easier than longform content and it’s actually not as rough as trying to come up with a clip all the time. There’s literally millions of bad jokes out there, I’ll never run out of them hahah

That aside to this point I’ve done 4. If I run out of steam, it will be well before I’ve told every joke to exist. Sheesh.

If you are still reading this, I need help though. I need more engagement on TikTok and YouTube especially, please. Watch, like and comment all you can. I’d really appreciate it.

My TikTok is @TanStreams and my YouTube is @Tanandra. Check em out!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week! I love you, Cutie!! ? -Tan

Warframe: Hildryn Prime Giveaway!

So yeah, sorry I haven’t blogged in a bit – I’ve been getting over a funk and feeling not great, but things are improving and trying to get some forward momentum going and all that!

Got a giveaway going right now for Hildryn Prime Access from Warframe! #AD, DE is providing the largest pack for free for me to give out to you, click on WIN! up top there, or just head over to!

Since shutting down Streamloots, streaming has been a LOT less stressful, my gawd. I feel like I can breathe again! Nothing wrong with Streamloots, it’s a perfectly cromulent site and I don’t regret using it. I DO regret putting all my eggs in one basket however and it was getting super annoying keeping up with it. Anyway, now that it’s done, please enjoy my streams for less hassle. 🙂

Who loves you, baby? ? -Tan

Calling all Sponsors?

I feel like I need a sponsorship of some kind. Not really super particular but at the same time it should be something I would actually use or support. I’ve been talking with my mods about like.. snack boxes, but I can’t do those because of my dietary restrictions. Or the VPN companies or the you-know-who mobile games; not interested in those obviously.

Not even really looking to make a ton of money; it’s more like – validation I guess? This awesome company likes what I do! LOL. I used to get a lot of that from Warframe but, it’s been a long while. I think it’s been since I transitioned and the first model I had was probably not super corporate. I think this one is though! If you work for a company looking for a streamer to sponsor, I know one! Me! Hey, I’ve gotten over a million unique views in 6 and a half years!

Anyway! Now that I’ve shut down Streamloots and got everything moved to Mix-It-Up, I don’t have anything to give you for reading this…

Except to let you know I’m giving away 300 plat on Warframe! Click the thing and enter already!

Moving Away from Streamloots

Hey there Cuties! Well, it’s finally happening – I’m moving away from Streamloots. Nothing on their side precipitating this move, I just knew after the third round of re-brands I was going to end up consolidating all my animations and fun stuff – and now I can on Mix-It-Up bot.

If you have any Streamloot cards or packs of mine left unopened – now is the time to log in and claim them, turn them into resources and cash in your cards for CHI points, the Mix-It-Up currency we use.

However – the bot has to be running for the Streamloots cards to work; so make sure by typing !CHI in chat first, and make sure you get a response. (This way you can also ensure the cards work afterward!)

It was a good run, but it’s time to bring everything back into the fold and I’m taking this opportunity to remove really old animations that still have the TV popping up – that’s old stuff and needs to be gone.

I may end up re-working old TV pop-up animations to not use the TV but we will see.

In any case, who loves you baby? ? -Tan

New Warframe Stuff

Hey Cuties! New Warframe, new stuff, new game mode and all that.

This means I’ll probably be streaming more Warframe than not for a bit. Will be tonight and tomorrow and this weekend for sure.

Been having a real challenge keeping my head straight this week – and Warframe’s my comfort game to stream, so again, probably keeping on it for a bit.

Thank you everyone for your support and love this week. ? -Tan

Thank you for reading my little blog, here is your reward:
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