A Couple Things!

Hey good morning Cuties! 💜💜💜 I’ve got a couple of things for you real quick:

1 – if you indicated you wished to participate or had consented for the witchy work @itsstyxie @mavisdeluna and I did last night in either of their servers; we finished about 6 hours ago and I am just wiped.

I guess consider this a new ‘coming out’ for me as I’ve been pretty staunchly Athiest to this point but I am finding myself enjoying getting into learning about pantheons and specific gods. I won’t go into more detail here for those who are not interested, but going forward I won’t be silent about it anymore.

I’m adding a witchy channel to the discord somewhere if you are into learning with me!

2 – after dayjob today I’m basically OFF WORK for 5 days. I plan to make use of it and do more longer streams – and bear in mind @mavisdeluna is going to be doing a donothon starting tomorrow so have us both open in separate tabs, if you would.

Thanks, Cuties. I love all your faces. Thanks for being a part of the Cutie Community and for reading this update!

A Little More About Me

Hey there Cuties! CW: Lotta trans stuff, personal history, kinda long

I wanted to take a second and say thank you, everyone. You’ve all been welcoming and lovely and honestly it’s a refreshing change.

If you don’t know me and want to know a little bit about me here it goes:

My name is Tan, online I go by Tanandra. I was an egg for a very long time; until I was 48. Finally figured myself out and came out as a transwoman lesbian. I’ve been on HRT for 1.5 years now.

My whole life I was basically gaslit into believing that since I was attracted to women, and only women, that I must be a man. That’s just how it works. Meanwhile my whole life I was continually wondering what it’d be like to be a woman, having dreams about it, always playing a female role in games or whenever possible, envying women’s clothing choices, on and on.

VTubing was really the breakthrough I needed. When I started streaming I quickly jumped into webcam and greenscreen use – and I enjoyed it. VTubing became more accessable and I enjoyed that as well; but I wasn’t using a lady avatar to begin with. I tried it out a few times the first year and it legit SCARED ME how much I enjoyed it.

I fought my egg cracking. Very hard. Several years worth of effort to prevent it. Finally, one day I decided I wanted to change up my avatars and try to vtube the characters I was playing. I had a Warframe avatar – and we were playing FFXIV, so I learned how to ‘rip’ my character from the game and into my avatar software. This was the final push I needed. Once I had my beautiful character as my avatar, I couldn’t go back.

I started feminizing my voice while STILL DENYING I WAS TRANS. ughhhhh I can’t roll my eyes any harder or they will pop out.

March 2022 I finally got some sense, stopped fighting it, came out as trans (and lesbian) and started HRT with a doctor monitoring me.

It’s been a long year and a half. I moved away from the ‘ripped’ avatar and now am using a custom one. I am super impatient and am still working on myself. I have a very long way to go before I will be content with my appearance. I have many surgeries ahead of me, once I lose the weight I need to lose. It’s a very slow and frustrating process.

Thanks for reading. I love answering questions and talking about my journey and I want to hear about yours!

– Tan 💜💜💜💜