Twitch Chat Etiquette Guide for the New Viewer

  • Always check if the caster you are watching has rules. Different channels will have various different rules, or lack thereof.
  • Never argue a time out in the channel. You’ll probably end up getting timed out again. Often the caster will accept polite inbox messages to help resolve any issues.
  • If you are timed out for caps, faces, too many symbols, and posting links; Chances are the caster has a Bot with filters on. Most mods do not time these out.
  • Do not talk about other casters inside another stream even if they are friends. It is considered rude.
  • If you see a caster you recognize in someone else’s channel please refrain from asking when they will cast again, or when they will do (insert thing here) again.
  • Going off the above line, if you want to know when a caster is streaming follow their channel, their Twitter, and Discord. They always post when they go live.
  • Do not delurk people you see in the user list, they chose to lurk and they can delurk themselves and chat if they choose, at that point you can say hi to them, otherwise it is rude.

Never advertise your own channel or ask to be promoted or shouted out by the caster. Become a valued member of the community and the caster is more likely to check you out on their own. Also, don’t ask how to get more viewers to your channel. It’s not clever, and you can’t MAKE people watch you.

  • If the caster has information below their stream they put it there for you to read. So read it! It has a lot of info like Specs, FAQ, Rules, And Links!
  • Never tell a caster to play a different game than the current one they are playing. If you only follow the caster for one game, return at a later time to watch them play the one game you want to see. The channel is theirs so they can cast whatever they choose.
  • Channels will often have a TITLE above their video. It will almost always tell you what the caster is playing or what they plan on doing during the broadcast.
  • Most casters do not like to hear how many viewers they have. They can see the number from their dashboard just fine. Often what this does is create more pressure. If the caster isn’t worrying about the number drop then you shouldn’t either!
  • Being a YOUTUBE subscriber and a TWITCH Subscriber is different! On Twitch following is the equal to the subscribe button on Youtube. On Twitch the Subscribe button is in place if you would like to help further support your caster for $4.99 a month. You will gain perks like custom emotes and a chat badge!
  • Donating or Subscribing or Following does not entitle you to make demands.
  • And of course, do not violate the Twitch Terms of Service. [link]

What is ‘back seat gaming’ and why is it hated?

The definition is: The person or people who try to direct a one-person game by making useless comments and suggestions, much to the annoyance of the gamer.


Gamer: I love Assassin’s Creed 2!! I’m gonna make Ezio go over these rooftops for fun!!
Backseat Gamer: why don’t you just go through the streets? It’d be quicker and less bother.
Gamer: =_= ohhh you’re so annoying

Often unless the caster specifically asks for help in a certain area it is frowned upon for early commands even the tiniest such as “go left” or “jump.”

You see, it ruins the game immersion for them. Wouldn’t you hate it if someone ruined the joy and love you had for a new game? The feeling of accomplishment when you figure it out all on your own? The excitement of finding random spots or Easter eggs all on your own?