National Coming Out Day!

Hey there cuties!! It’s National Coming Out Day!! :lesbianflag: :transfeminineflag: :progressprideflag:

Of course this doesn’t mean you HAVE to come out, but it could be a good time to consider it! Two years ago I used it as a chance to sit down and think about myself; and decided I wasn’t trans.

Well you can see how well that worked out!

Last year, I was already out with you all, but hadn’t really come out to family or at work yet. Having this day as a catalyst helped me – maybe it will help you? As always, I’m more than willing to share my experiences and I recognize everyone’s path is different AND that I have been incredibly fortunate. I hope if you are coming out that you are able to conquer your fear and know that there is support out there.

AND as always – safety first. If coming out will literally endanger your life, or make you homeless – don’t. Make plans to escape and come out when it’s safe to do so. Love your faces, cuties!!

Back on Schedule

Yeah, I’ve re-instituted a schedule again. Let’s see how long I can actually stick to it.

Like others in my found fam I have been going REALLY hard on it – and actually had to be talked down from streaming so much. My family missed me!! ?

It is true that if you have a little bit of luck and put in a little effort, you can grow on Twitch – but you have to be ON for people to find you. I’ve been ON too much. So, back to 4 hours 5x a week. After a while I can start planning 12 hour streams again, as long as they are set goals and I schedule them.

The siren’s call of the stream is strong though. I love streaming and spending time with you all. But I can’t sacrifice the people around me in the process.

Love ya!! ???

Condensing My Platforms!

I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I wanted to see which one became my blue bird replacement. Looks like it’s the other blue app, bluesky.

Mastadon is just.. not the vibe for me, and Spoutible was just not working great. Bluesky’s been OK so it kinda wins by default I guess.

Havent been super active on Youtube or TikTok but yeah I’ve been BUSY on Twitch so.. all is normal. XD

Love all your faces! ?