Business Inquiries

If you have a BUSINESS PROPOSITION for me, as in, you want me to stream your game, make a video about your product, etc. then please email me at TanandraWolfstone on gmail with your idea. I reserve the right to not reply.  Also know that I do not accept making content on products I don’t believe in or use myself.

Don’t bother trying to advertise a service or product TO me, I know how to find what I need. I will just ensure to avoid your product or service if you do that.  Thanks.

Contacting Tan for Other Things

If you want to reach me to talk about anything other than business, your best bet is to reach me on my Discord server –  You can ask me anything, but please keep in mind I am not your therapist and Google exists.  Don’t put in a ticket, it’s not for contacting me directly.

I do not accept friend requests on Discord from people I don’t know, and I don’t accept DMs on other platforms.  If you need to talk to me about something sensitive, I ask that you contact one of my Moderators, or ask if you can DM me and provide some context as to why you need to privately message me.  Do not attempt to be parasocial.

Keep in mind, I don’t offer free advice to just anyone, and my plate is already full when it comes to daily communication with people I consider my friends and family.  Sorry, I can’t give personal attention to everyone, all the time. It’s just not physically possible.