Hey Cuties! You may have noticed a change to the schedule. Yeah – it’s time I stopped kidding myself and just became a Warframe streamer. I do enjoy other games but I just don’t like streaming them as much.

I like doing giveaways and I like popping relics. You know the game is basically secondary to whatever conversations we are having, and everything else basically just takes my attention away.

I am going to try being in Discord more often when I play other things like Helldivers or DCUO or FFXIV (if I get back to it, you know how flaky I am on it).

And I don’t mind playing other games on other people’s streams (example, the standing weekly Phasmo runs with RrainbowWaffles)

But the thing is – I just enjoy streaming Warframe. If there ever comes I time I don’t – then I can re-evaluate.

And – remember the schedule is subject to change without notice. I might play something else on a given night, or get a sponsorship I want to do or something.

Love your faces, Cuties! 💜😻