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  • My Night off Stream

    My Night off Stream

    It is Wednesday my dudes and dudettes and non-binary friends! I’m taking tonight off of stream as per normal, it being Wednesday and all – but I may, and I stress MAY, be over on Twi’s stream helping them start Warframe for the first time. I hope we do, omg. Ushering in a brand new [...]

No matter where you go … there you are. -Buckaroo Banzai (1984)

Welcome to The Dojo! I use this site as a repository and portfolio for everything and anything I can get my fingers into! I’m a VTuber! I’m also a Twitch Partner, and am working on my Youtube channel as well!

I’m hopeful that you can find what you are looking for both in links to my social platforms, and in some entertainment for yourself. Enjoy!

It’s always a party in The Dojo, come hang out and have some fun!

We play a variety of games, and are building a fun community together!

VoDs, Vlogs, and other Videos

Basically anything that I did and didn’t do on Twitch!