December Plans

Hey Cuties!!

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a bit! Life’s been a touch hectic!! Looking at this month, I’ve got some things coming up you need to know.

My sister Kea is doing a donothon that I will be supporting as much as I can. Her twitch is:

I will probably be streaming a little less to help her out – and it would mean a lot to me if you swing by her channel any time I’m not!!

The holidays are coming too, so we will have visitors and that will keep me offline as well.

I hope your December is amazing and I will be most likely keeping in touch on my Discord:

Love you!!

Thanksgiving Soon!

Hey Cuties! Just a quick note to let you know that Thanksgiving is around the corner here in the US, and I will probably have less time to stream than normal. (I already had a dayjob snafu yesterday that contributed to me not being able to stream).

I will stream when I am able and when I have the spoons!

I love your faces!! ?? -Tan

National Coming Out Day!

Hey there cuties!! It’s National Coming Out Day!! :lesbianflag: :transfeminineflag: :progressprideflag:

Of course this doesn’t mean you HAVE to come out, but it could be a good time to consider it! Two years ago I used it as a chance to sit down and think about myself; and decided I wasn’t trans.

Well you can see how well that worked out!

Last year, I was already out with you all, but hadn’t really come out to family or at work yet. Having this day as a catalyst helped me – maybe it will help you? As always, I’m more than willing to share my experiences and I recognize everyone’s path is different AND that I have been incredibly fortunate. I hope if you are coming out that you are able to conquer your fear and know that there is support out there.

AND as always – safety first. If coming out will literally endanger your life, or make you homeless – don’t. Make plans to escape and come out when it’s safe to do so. Love your faces, cuties!!