Our 31st Anniversary!

Cuties, 31 years ago I married the love of my life, Dracogiraffa. ?

We were both VASTLY different people then, and life has certainly had it’s challenges and victories since.

I thank the gods daily that I have this amazing woman in my life, who has stuck by me. (She’s probably groaning by now if she’s reading this) ?

It’s been a fun ride so far. I hope we get at least 31 more years to discover things together.

Also – yeah not streaming tonight, taking the fam to Ramen to celebrate!
Love ya! ????

Longer, Less Frequent it is

So I guess I’m going to go back to blogging more here instead of just dumping a video every day or every other day.

The poll, and Xeno’s really on-the-nose assessment just kinda showed me what I already knew, and what I kinda wanted to do – make longer videos with more meat on them, and just.. not do one every day. Put out 20-30 minute videos. So, now I gotta figure out about what. Probably something Warframe but I .. hm.

In any case, I took most of today off of everything.

Sometimes I forget that I need down time. Today was ALL down time. It helped. A ton! Time to start this new week fresh and kick some ass. I got some ideas, let’s see what I can do with them. Love ya, Cuties!! ?????