Hey there Cuties! Well, it’s finally happening – I’m moving away from Streamloots. Nothing on their side precipitating this move, I just knew after the third round of re-brands I was going to end up consolidating all my animations and fun stuff – and now I can on Mix-It-Up bot.

If you have any Streamloot cards or packs of mine left unopened – now is the time to log in and claim them, turn them into resources and cash in your cards for CHI points, the Mix-It-Up currency we use.

However – the bot has to be running for the Streamloots cards to work; so make sure by typing !CHI in chat first, and make sure you get a response. (This way you can also ensure the cards work afterward!)

It was a good run, but it’s time to bring everything back into the fold and I’m taking this opportunity to remove really old animations that still have the TV popping up – that’s old stuff and needs to be gone.

I may end up re-working old TV pop-up animations to not use the TV but we will see.

In any case, who loves you baby? 💜 -Tan