I feel like I need a sponsorship of some kind. Not really super particular but at the same time it should be something I would actually use or support. I’ve been talking with my mods about like.. snack boxes, but I can’t do those because of my dietary restrictions. Or the VPN companies or the you-know-who mobile games; not interested in those obviously.

Not even really looking to make a ton of money; it’s more like – validation I guess? This awesome company likes what I do! LOL. I used to get a lot of that from Warframe but, it’s been a long while. I think it’s been since I transitioned and the first model I had was probably not super corporate. I think this one is though! If you work for a company looking for a streamer to sponsor, I know one! Me! Hey, I’ve gotten over a million unique views in 6 and a half years!

Anyway! Now that I’ve shut down Streamloots and got everything moved to Mix-It-Up, I don’t have anything to give you for reading this…

Except to let you know I’m giving away 300 plat on Warframe! Click the thing and enter already!