So yeah, sorry I haven’t blogged in a bit – I’ve been getting over a funk and feeling not great, but things are improving and trying to get some forward momentum going and all that!

Got a giveaway going right now for Hildryn Prime Access from Warframe! #AD, DE is providing the largest pack for free for me to give out to you, click on WIN! up top there, or just head over to!

Since shutting down Streamloots, streaming has been a LOT less stressful, my gawd. I feel like I can breathe again! Nothing wrong with Streamloots, it’s a perfectly cromulent site and I don’t regret using it. I DO regret putting all my eggs in one basket however and it was getting super annoying keeping up with it. Anyway, now that it’s done, please enjoy my streams for less hassle. 🙂

Who loves you, baby? ? -Tan