I’m not going to get too much into it but to summarize. There are more people that I thought genuinely cared about me that when it came down to it, I don’t mean anything to them. Not naming names, I was just.. it was a really rude awakening.

But the opposite is true too. There are a lot MORE people that do care about me, and that I care for just as much that I’ve met just in this last year, and that I’ve met over the course of being a streamer, and over the course of my life. I can’t lose focus on the good as well.

This week has really sucked for my legs. I made some dumbass choices and suffered for it this week, physically. Big setbacks and a fuckload of pain, on top of my emotional instability due to other factors this week. I’ve been making myself cry just to try and get it all out. I’m frustrated.

I am also excited, I can’t wait for Mavis and Varrick and Rei to move in. But it’s also meant me and Draco have had to like.. actually clean up lol.

It will get better soon, I hope. I see where the country is headed and I’m legit scared. I don’t feel safe anymore and I’m not used to it.

Wow great uplifting blog eh. Sorry. Have some cards to make up for it.

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