So I really do love my emotes – but they reflect the old model, the 2022 Tanandra as it were. The new model is literally changing my life it’s insane. So, I need new emotes to reflect the new model.

I’ve got a throne linked on my twitch, and there’s a new panel with it, but you can also just click here if you’d like to contribute: Emotes are expensive, especially good ones, as well as animated ones. There’s no way for me to shoulder the burden myself – but I’d really like them to all be from one artist (or team of artists like last time, that all have the same style) and they deserve to be compensated for their work, obviously. Anyway yeah that’s why the number seems so high – it’s a LOT of emotes.

Long term goal, not super rushed to get it done but would like to before summer maybe?

Anyway, I’ll just leave this to run and if you’d like to contribute, please do. Any amount is progress toward the goal. Thanks and I love your faces!! -Tan ? (oh by the way, I moved a lot of the good emotes to follower emotes on Twitch, check it out…)

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