Hey good morning Cuties! ??? I’ve got a couple of things for you real quick:

1 – if you indicated you wished to participate or had consented for the witchy work @itsstyxie @mavisdeluna and I did last night in either of their servers; we finished about 6 hours ago and I am just wiped.

I guess consider this a new ‘coming out’ for me as I’ve been pretty staunchly Athiest to this point but I am finding myself enjoying getting into learning about pantheons and specific gods. I won’t go into more detail here for those who are not interested, but going forward I won’t be silent about it anymore.

I’m adding a witchy channel to the discord somewhere if you are into learning with me!

2 – after dayjob today I’m basically OFF WORK for 5 days. I plan to make use of it and do more longer streams – and bear in mind @mavisdeluna is going to be doing a donothon starting tomorrow so have us both open in separate tabs, if you would.

Thanks, Cuties. I love all your faces. Thanks for being a part of the Cutie Community and for reading this update!