Hey there cuties!! It’s National Coming Out Day!! :lesbianflag: :transfeminineflag: :progressprideflag:


Of course this doesn’t mean you HAVE to come out, but it could be a good time to consider it! Two years ago I used it as a chance to sit down and think about myself; and decided I wasn’t trans.

Well you can see how well that worked out!

Last year, I was already out with you all, but hadn’t really come out to family or at work yet. Having this day as a catalyst helped me – maybe it will help you? As always, I’m more than willing to share my experiences and I recognize everyone’s path is different AND that I have been incredibly fortunate. I hope if you are coming out that you are able to conquer your fear and know that there is support out there.

AND as always – safety first. If coming out will literally endanger your life, or make you homeless – don’t. Make plans to escape and come out when it’s safe to do so. Love your faces, cuties!!