Welp here we are, already one day in and I’m throwing wrenches like nobody’s business. I snazzed up a couple spots that were too flat with a galaxy thing that I really like. I’m not going to do too much more I dont think, graphics-wise. I like the contrast between the animated and non-animated sections. Really draws your eye to it. I like having it for the ‘alert news’ box on the main page.

Fixed the YouTube preview by pointing it to the Nostalgia LIVE playlist, and look at that, it makes a handy reminder when there’s a new stream posted. Neat! Glad I stumbled into it.

There seems to be a little lag on the site on occasion – I could try running Hummingbird again but it wants to smash the icons on the top menu.. which.. I don’t even know if I need those. We have links all over the place, I might trash that and just turn Hummingbird loose. Unsure yet.