Create and WIN!

🥇1st place prize – 10 Packs of StreamLoots

🥈2nd place prize – 5 Packs of StreamLoots

🥉3rd place prize – 3 Packs of Streamloots

Every round ends on the 1st of the month!

Read the rules below, and create your clips!!

Tanandra’s Twitch Clip Contest Rules

  1. All clips are property of Tanandra, and where applicable.
  2. Winners are determined at the discretion of Tanandra and all decisions are final.  These are subjective things being judged. I get to pick who wins.
  3. Any and all clips may be submitted as content on TikTok, Youtube or other platforms by Tanandra. They may be used as the contest is running.
  4. Disqualifications for failure to adhere to the rules is at Tanandra’s discretion.
  5. Any and all other considerations are again, at Tanandra’s discretion.  Basically, if you don’t trust me, then.. don’t participate.
  6. There is no compensation promised or even alluded to. This is not contract work, and I will not pay you.  You are submitting Twitch Clips of your own free will.

How to Enter the Contest

  1. Make a clip on Twitch of Tanandra’s stream. THATS IT!!

How to WIN the Contest

I am looking for funny, catchy or viral content that will make people laugh.  I’ll be posting good ones on TikTok or Youtube or other locations.

To win, your submission will need to be:

  1. Edited for length.  Shorter is better.  I won’t wait 30 seconds for the punchline.
  2. Have a title other than my stream title. Put some thought into it.
  3. Not require a whole lot of context to get.  In-jokes are fine but they won’t win.
  4. NOT BE A CLIP OF ME BEING BARRAGED BY AN AIRSTRIKE OR USING MY PARTY TRICK. There’s enough clips of this. Seriously. Stop. XD  It’s funny on-stream.  It’s not funny when I have 100 clips of it. 😂 Ok it’s kinda funny.
  5. The clip needs to be of me, on my stream.  I won’t look elsewhere.
  6. Feel free to comb the VoDs for source material if you wish; it doesn’t *have* to be clipped live to count.
  7. You must have already visited while logged into Twitch to win. (So I can award you your prize if you win!)