Chi – the Other Type of Channel Points

Chi ☯ are the points that you accrue from watching/donating/subscribing to my channel, but are a secondary currency to Punches 👊, the main Twitch Channel Points. You gain 1 Chi ☯ per minute that you watch my streams. Chiis here for the little things that don’t “play nice” with Twitch per say.

To see how much Chiyou have type this in my Twitch Channel’s Chat: !chi

My chat bot will hopefully spit a number back at you. This is the amount of Chithat you possess. You can use Chito buy the following rewards:

Command Description Cost
!chi See how much Chi ☯ you have. Free
!buy Shows what you can buy! Free
!anyway Oh no. ☯100
!caw Behold the mighty falcon ☯100
!cbat Sexiest music ever ☯100
!jeff Jeff. ☯100
!kremling Summon a Kremling ☯100
!nut Press the Nut button ☯100
!swtf Static Bird ☯100
!wow A MachoMan Tribute ☯100
!yeah One’s reaction to seeing frogs reproduce ☯100