I haven’t updated in here in a bit – but there’s been a lot going on.

Since I rebranded YouTube back to my name, I’ve been cranking out the Duck Facts every day (well 7 every Sunday and scheduling them) and that’s been going really well! I enjoy making them, and a couple people get a giggle out of them!

I’ve been concentrating more on Twitch and it’s been helping my mood too. I’m a lot less stressed. I recently dropped GIFbot because it was not working right anymore – come to find out that I was oh, several years of revisions behind. The new one acts as a webservice you attach a browser source to OBS, and it is INSTANT ON and working a helluva lot better. Inbetween doing this update I gave other various means of doling out the free animations and they all ended up failing for various reasons. Even using Twitch currency with a backend cooldown – asking chat to do anything is a recipe for failure every time. There’s always new people who don’t know, or people who don’t pay attention, or people who complain about it, or people who refuse.. etc etc etc.

In ANY case – the brand spanking new bot is running great, and I have it running under the Disc0bot banner. I have yet to add more than the most basic animations to it, and will be making a hidden !menu page on the site for it as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Who loves ya, baby? -70s