Basically a 6 month update!

Well, here I am back again. New month, new blog post I guess.

Things are going.. well! I’m out; but I still don’t pass so really the only thing giving me apprehension is having to deal with the public. Which right now, if I can just deal with being misgendered and deadnamed I can get anything DONE, it just sucks. I dare not wear a skirt outside yet.

But, I see the changes happening. I feel them too. It’s subtle. But I’ve only been on HRT for 3 months and we are still trying to dial in my doses on things. But – It’s September. I decided this was the path for me to be on in March, so this is my 6 month update. XD

Did I mention being out at work? It’s so amazing. I even got my name changed so that I don’t have to sweat getting my legal name changed just yet. Since I live in Texass, I will have to wait until I’ve been on HRT a year according to some sources; which is fine with me. I’m not trying to be stealth but I despise dealing with the public anyway. People are getting MORE entitled and think they can just say anything they fucking want to anyone anymore. I just want to be left alone, let me wear my mask and fuck off. *sigh* So much for my body, my choice eh? Anyway before this devolves into a rant…

Love your faces. 💜